sci-fi, adventure, culturally positive message

"An ultimate weapon meant to end wars was stolen from a high-security research center, leaving scientists and forensics baffled. Less than 24 hours later, in a prehistoric valley, tyranny rises from the ashes. Will persecution and genocide lead to mass craving of revenge and extinction, or will enough Squama bridge the gap with honor and charity so Freedom can soar?" ~ The Antediluvians, by Abby Black.

The Antediluvians is Abby's first self-illustrated fictional novel, one of a three-part series. A sci-fi apologue set simultaneously in Prehistoric history and in the near future, it journeys the courageous heroine Nicole and her parallel reptile counterpart Scope, who are both fervently committed to rescue humanity through their urgent and formidably catastrophic assignments.

The Antediluvians, is available digitally and in paperback through her publisher South Main Media. It's also available at retailers Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and wherever fine books are sold.

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