When I was 15, I decided that I wanted to learn how to put my drawings into motion and create art in 3D. I also wanted to bring my books to life. After heavily weighing the pros and cons of numerous software options for computer modeling and animation, I chose Blender.

I have a special fondness for animated movies. There's an endless potential to explore in a digital 3D world, where you can bring anything in your imagination to life, in virtually (You see what I did there?) any way you dream. My first try at animation was creating a lowly T-Rex, who was rejected because he didn't get a treat he wanted (ironically, very similar to how my chickens respond when I run out of treats). It was a great launchpad, giving me a foundation to build upon as I began to learn how to make bigger and longer animations; which, then, led to opportunties to make animated promotionals for the business arena.

I'm currently focusing on live-action effects, and bringing my Antediluvian characters to life by incorporating actual video footage I've personally shot in the real world into my animations. Check back to this page often to see the addition of new clips (many of which will be fully scored), animated book trailers for "The Antediluvians" trilogy, and my other upcoming novels.